Skittles Releases a Halloween Flavor That Tastes like “Rotten Zombie”

Halloween is right around the corner, and maybe zombies are too! Mars Wrigley, the brand behind Skittles, has released a new flavor with the candy. The extra piece is said to taste like “rotten zombies” and is part of the Zombie Skittles packages. It also includes five other non-disgusting flavors like Petrifying Citrus Peach, Blood Red Berry, Boogeyman Blackberry, Mummified Melon, and Chilling Black Cherry.

The candy’s exciting new “zombie” flavor is mixed in every bag. Try to avoid them, you can’t! Each zombie flavored piece looks like any other kind, they all share appearance. You won’t know until you take a handful! The company has described it as being “an utterly disgusting taste experience that will elicit strong reactions from anyone and everyone daring enough to try it.” Scary!

The brand recommends using the bags as a game of roulette or a fun prank. This is the second time the company has launched a mystery flavor, the other being the launch of Imposter Skittles in June. Like the Zombie flavor, it was meant to surprise snackers with the flavors. However, those all taste good and not like rotting flesh.

You can pick up a box of Zombie Skittles in one of three varieties for a limited time. There’s a small share size for $1.89, a lay-down bag for $2.49, or a fun size bag for $2.99. This promotion only runs through the Halloween season, so grab yours fast…if you dare!

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