Single Mom in Texas Gets Her "Christmas Wish"

A Texas woman recently got an amazing Christmas Wish thanks to her local community. 

Despite her struggles as a single mom, Bridgett, an employee at a Chick-fil-A in Benbrook, Texas, is always friendly and warm to everyone that enters the restaurant. She learns the customer's names, memorizes their orders, happily gives out hugs, and is always ready to hold a baby or two for a stressed-out mom. 

Recently, her car was totaled, and it has put a huge hardship on her and her family. Unsurprisingly, her community wanted to help out. 

One of her friends, Amy, wrote a letter to 94.9 KLTY in Dallas/Fort Worth, explaining Bridgett's situation and circumstances. She told the station about Bridgett's totaled car and how her son had recently been hospitalized, putting a new car even further out of reach. 

Amy nominated Bridgett to receive a "Christmas Wish" from the station, and a station reporter called Dane Minor of Freeman Toyota, who had been coincidentally looking for a deserving person to gift a new car to this holiday season. 

Dane, along with Bonnie of KTLY, went through the drive-through window while Bridgett was working. Once she handed over their order, Dane told her they had a surprise for her outside. 

Bridgett broke down in tears and headed out to the lot, where Dane was waiting to hand over the keys to a new car, along with a check for $2,000 to get her caught up on bills. 

When the story was shared online by the station, many people commented, sharing their first-hand experiences with Bridgett and how well-deserved this Christmas wish truly was for the single mom. 

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