Siblings Play Porch Concert for Elderly Neighbor While in Quarantine

When Taran and Calliope Tien heard that their 78-year-old neighbor was home alone while in quarantine from COVID-19, they wanted to do something to brighten her day. 

The 9-year-old and his 6-year-old sister made sure that their neighbor Helena Schlam had all the necessities, and then they decided to put on a show for her. 

Taran and Calliope dressed in their nicest concert clothes and brought their cellos to Schlam's front porch where they played her 30 minutes of musical delight while maintaining their appropriate social distance. 

"I haven’t been out of my house for five days, and I won’t be out anytime soon," Schlam told The Columbus Dispatch. "This was a delightful break for all of us. I love all the kids and I love music. It was such a real gift."

The children's mother, Rebecca, said she was very proud of her kids for thinking of their neighbor in these confusing times. 

Neighbor, Jackie Borchardt, happened to be walking by when they were playing for Schlam and recorded a bit of the show. She shared the video online and it's been getting love from all around the country. 

"This is what American values are all about!" wrote one Twitter user. "We help one another in crisis!"

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