73-Year-Old Woman's Viral Physical Transformation Photos Break The Internet

By 1 year ago

Joan MacDonald, a 73-year-old Canadian woman, decided that it's never too late to live the life you want. Having struggled with various health issues for the last couple of decades, she took matters into her own hands and decided to better herself. The results, shared by her daughter on the Internet, were inspirational for aging women everywhere...

Doctor's Orders

Joan struggled with managing her blood pressure for years. As she got older, she was busy raising her children and grandchildren, and as most mothers do, she forgot to make time for herself. Her health, unfortunately, began to suffer, and her doctors told her she had to make a change...

A Years-Long Journey


Serious about getting her life back on track, Joan and her daughter set up a fitness Instagram account in order to keep herself accountable. She was determined to lose weight and manage her health and serve as an inspiration for other women in their golden years who needed some motivation...

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