Shocked Locals Conduct Rescue Mission When They Hear Cries From Underground

By 2 years ago

A town heard cries for help from a place they just couldn’t pinpoint… They knew they needed to get to the bottom of it, but help was thin. They were worried about what was making that noise. Whatever it was, was in distress. But was it dangerous? They were about to find out…

Something Was Wrong

Visitors of the Cultural Center in Araras, Brazil could hear cries from a source that they couldn’t pinpoint. Many told staff at the center what they heard and that they felt that something wasn’t right. They were concerned about what it could be, and whether it could be dangerous… One man decided to handle it himself and put his ear to the ground, where the cries were the loudest…


What Could It Be?

They pinpointed the sound to in the ground, but they couldn’t figure out what it could be. It was getting louder and more stressed. Many locals were speculating what it could be, and if it was dangerous. There was no way that they could tell if this was going to be a threat to their lives or not. The sounds weren’t going away, and they knew that they had to do something.

Calling A Professional

The locals at the cultural center were the ones that were trying to decide what to do. They knew the area and they knew the dangers that lurked, but none of them could figure if this noise was going to be dangerous or not. They ended up calling some professionals who had the tools to do some digging…

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