Shelter Cat Is Quarantined For Helping Other Cats Escape Their Cages

A cat named Quilty has caused quite the stir over at Friends for Life Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas. The cute cate had a little more in store than just big eyes. In fact, he was planning a great escape. Quilty the Cat was kept in Kitty Solitary Confinement after a recent jailbreaking expedition.

Quilty was attempting to release all of the cats in the shelter. The shelter’s facebook page said it happened “repeatedly, several times a day”. Quilty, a modern Robin Hood, was sentenced to the lobby for his crimes. During his absence, the shelter cages were adjusted to be better locked.

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I will not be contained. #freeQuilty

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Quilty had to be reacclimated to the other cats through an integration kennel…which he quickly escaped again. He was placed back in the lobby, though he tried to reunite with the other cats through the glass, but to no avail.

Shelter workers called him “spicy a-hole” around the unit. He now has several Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages dedicated to him. The shelter also now sells #FreeQuilty merchandise that goes to their funding. Thankfully, Quilty has since been adopted and is now forever freed!

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