Shawn Mendes Says He and Camila Cabello are Amazing Dog Parents

Shawn Mendes has accepted his new role as a dog dad with open arms. The singer and his girlfriend, Camila Cabello, 23, have adopted a golden retriever named Tarzan together.

"I think we’re actually overachievers because we spoke to [Dog Whispererstar] Cesar Millan, and we got a dog trainer," said Mendes, 22. "We're very strict on all the things we have to do. Then when he nips at people we're like, 'We're the worst dog parents in the whole world!"

Regardless, Tarzan seems to have become an essential part of their family quite quickly.

"He's the sweetest boy," Mendes added. "Honestly, it really does feel like you have a little boy, a little baby, because they so quickly have such a personality. Dogs give so much."

Mendes recently returned to his hometown in Ontario, Canada for the holidays—with Cabello and Tarzan in tow.

"I'm going back to my home in Pickering," he said before leaving. "Camila's coming with me, and we’re going to be quarantining in my parents' house—so back in my childhood bedroom. And we'll be with my immediate family."

"I haven't looked forward to something so much in so long—it's really like counting down the minutes," Mendes concluded.

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