Shaq Helps to Pay for a Young Man's Engagement Ring

Last week, Shaq certainly had one young man's back.

NBA legend and sportscaster Shaquille O'Neal bumped into a random stranger at a jewelry shop this past Tuesday—and decided to do something awesome.

"I was in Zales, looking for some loop earrings," Shaq said to his fellow analysts on NBA on TNT the next day. "I seen the guy coming in. He was just so shy. He was saying, 'Hey, how much do I owe to pay off my ring?'"

When Shaq overheard him, he came up with an immediate solution to the young man's question.

"I was like, 'My man, how much is the ring?'" he recalled. "I'm not going to say the amount."

Whatever the stranger owed on the jewelry, Shaq decided to take care of it, passing his credit card to an employee who was taking care of the customer. Shaq never even meant for the random act of kindness to become public knowledge; a video of the incident went viral shortly after it happened. 

"The guy just came in; he was a young kid, hardworking guy," he explained. Shaq said to him, “'You know what? Tell your girlfriend I got it. Take care of her.'"

The generous act was nothing out of the ordinary for Shaq who said, "This is something I do every day."

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