Service Dog Gets Photo in Arkansas Elementary School Yearbook

Tosha, the service dog, is a common sight around Gravette Upper Elementary in Arkansas.

This year, the chocolate lab scored her very own spot in the yearbook. She’s considered just another classmate, except, well…furrier.

She surprised everyone when she sat like a perfect angel for her yearbook photo, and while she’s super cute, she also plays an integral role at the school. Tosha is a service dog for a fifth-grader who suffers from seizures. She barks to alert school staff that the student is having a seizure, long before another human would be able to identify the issue.

The students and staff at the school were taught by Tosha’s trainer to avoid petting her when she was working, and they’ve all learned important lessons having her around.

Her yearbook photo is there to memorialize her time there, even as she moves on to a new school with her owner.

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