Search and Rescue Officer Finds Something Sinister in the Woods

By 1 year ago

There are certain careers in which being brave is part of the job description. This search and rescue officer decided it was time to come forward and share the horrifying truth behind what he had experienced deep in the wilderness…

Rookie Officer

Search and rescue officer Chris Richards first began working for the United States Forest Service in 2012. Chris was a licensed guide and expert outdoorsman, which made him an ideal candidate for the SAR team. Still, Chris’ survival skills couldn’t protect him from what he would witness in the woods.


Strange Phenomenon

The first time Chris saw a staircase in the woods, he wasn’t sure what to make of it. He had only been with the SAR unit for a few months; this was the farthest he had ventured into the forest. It was as if someone had taken the stairs from a normal house and placed them in the middle of the wilderness…

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