Rescuing a Dog? There’s an App for That

Adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue is the most humane way to go about becoming a pet parent. But if you don’t know much about breeds and are unsure which would fit best into your lifestyle, we can finally say: There’s an app for that!

“How I Met My Dog” is basically the equivalent of dog adoption. The app begins with an interested adopter filling out a series of questions. The questions range from asking about your pet parenting style (ie: strict or lenient), your current lifestyle, to where you live and how often you exercise and socialize.

Once the survey is complete, HIMMD matches you with adoptable dogs in your area. There’s no rush to adopting either, as you can sign up for the app and wait until your perfect four-legged match comes along.

So far, the app has a database of dogs from 13 states and roughly 1000 adoptions have been completed through its matching service.

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