Where You Should Go to Get Free Food on Your Birthday

By 1 year ago

No, we are not kidding, this is the ultimate guide to eating like a king for free on the only day that’s completely dedicated to you.


This fairly obscure Brazillian chain restaurant actually might change your diet-game up. Unlike most chains, Tucano’s prides themselves on their fresh ingredients and how well they’re presented. For reference, this spot specializes in delivering freshly grilled meats and vegetables right to your plate. If you go to a Tucano’s during your birthday month, after signing up for their email list, you will receive a buy-one-get-one-free voucher for one meal.


Texas Roadhouse

Although we think it’s pretty nasty that Texas Roadhouse allows their patrons to throw their spit-covered peanut shells on the floor under their tables, they do offer one of the coolest birthday perks in the business. The Roadhouse crew will sit you down on their saddle (yes, they have a saddle in every location) and sing happy birthday to you. When reserving via email for your birthday, you’re eligible for either a free appetizer or dessert.

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