Do You Have Psychopathic Tendencies? Take The Quiz

Answer truthfully for the most accurate results. This is NOT a medical diagnosis. Entertainment purposes only.

I feel like I'm always being watched.

Do you like to go out and party?

Someone asks you out on a date. Do you immediately search for their social media profiles?

Someone is walking slowly ahead of you. What do you do?

Do you usually sleep through the night?

How many notifications are on your phone right now?

Do you have many pet peeves? (Loud chewing, being late, people who talk during a movie, etc.)

You're feeling sick. What do you do?

Are you a punctual person?

You find out that someone has touched your stuff without permission. What do you do?

The light turns green, but the car in front of you doesn't move. What now?

Do you consider yourself a worrier?

Is it difficult for you to hide your emotions?

How do you work under pressure?

Are you someone who envisions the worst-case scenario?

Your Uber driver makes a wrong turn. What do you do?

How do you feel about kids?

Would you consider yourself a patient person?

Someone goes in for a handshake but you give them a hug instead. What do you do?

You're about to leave early from a party. What do you do?

You're waiting for someone to respond to an important message. How are you feeling?

How do you express anger or frustration?

Are you an optimist, a pessimist, or a realist?

Is productivity important to you?

Do you think that you are an empathetic person?

Do you have many friends?

You're hosting a dinner party for your friends. Some of them offer to help you prep food in the kitchen. What do you say?

You're going on vacation far from home. The airport is 30 minutes away. What time do you leave your house?

Someone makes a rude comment about your outfit. How do you react?

Someone cancels on you at the very last minute. What do you do?

You're at a bar when someone turns around and accidentally knocks your drink out of your hand; it spills everywhere. They apologize profusely. What do you do?

Do you consider yourself a neat person?

Would you leave the house in stained sweatpants?

You've been waiting at a restaurant for almost an hour, and the server still hasn't brought out your food. What do you do?

Do you care if someone eats one of your fries without asking?

Someone cuts in line at the grocery store. Do you say something?

You're running late for an important meeting. The elevator doors are closing, but someone is running toward you, clearly anticipating that you'll hold them open. What do you do?

You're in line for the bathroom and you really, really, really have to pee. Do you jump in line?

You're on a 15-minute train ride. The person standing next to you is listening to music without headphones. Do you say something?

Do you clap when the plane lands?

Quiz Results

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The More You Know

  • The largest known living organism is an aspen grove.
  • Vietnam is one of the most pro-US countries in the world, with 76% having a favorable view. This is higher than Japan, the United Kingdom, and France.
  • England is hit with more tornadoes per square mile than any other country in the world.
  • It's a tradition in Ireland that if you donated a pint of blood, they give you a pint of Guinness to replace the iron.
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