Puppy and Tiger Cub Are BFFs and the Reason Why Will Melt Your Heart

There’s just something about a good puppy story that can brighten any bad day. If you’re looking for a dose of happy, you’ve come to the right place.

Last week, adorable photos were taken at the Beijing Wildlife Park in China of golden retriever puppies frolicking with lion and tiger cubs. How did this unlikely friendship spark, you ask?

The cubs and pups were all weaned by the same dog mommy! Eight cubs total, including a white tiger, spotted hyenas, and an African lion, were abandoned by their mothers, and so this golden retriever mama stepped in to look after them. She nursed them all and ever since then, ALL of her babies have really bonded.

The unique friendship that developed between the cubs and pups is one adorable situation, and the Twitter world agrees. Photos from the play session went viral and people literally can’t even.

This just goes to show once again that we don’t deserve dogs. In a news cycle that seems to constantly be filled with sadness, this furry frenzy proves that there is still kindness and beauty in the world, we just have to look to animals to teach us.

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