Psalm West Is Joining the Family Business

Psalm West was born 2 weeks ago and is already in business. Psalm’s celebrity mother, Kim Kardashian, had filed for a trademark on Psalm’s full name. This way, his name can be used on merchandise for the Kardashian brand.

The trademark specifically lists hair accessories, barrettes, bands, bows, clips, ties, ornaments, pins, scrunchies, chopsticks, twisters, wraps, hair extensions and ornamental novelty pins. The list of potential products is long It includes toys, services, baby-care items, and much, much more.

Psalm is joining his famous family, which is now comprised of Kim Kardashian-West, Kanye West, Chicago, North, and Saint. His siblings had similar business ventures when they were born, though nothing is ever done with these trademarks.

The trademarks are a precaution. In case any of the children grow up and want to start a business, they are protected. It also restricts someone else from using the famous names for profit.

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