Protect Your Pets Against The Intense Heat of Summer

Being a dog during the dog days of summer is not as great as it seems like it should be. As the country records record temps, the dangers to our four-legged friends are real. 

Unlike humans, dogs can't change into a pair of shorts and a tank to cool off—their coats are always on.

With temperatures reaching over 100 degrees in many cities, even a walk around the neighborhood can be dangerous for your dog.

Dr. Sandra Strong, the Wake County Animal Services chief veterinarian, says to try to walk your pets in grassy areas or places with dirt rather than asphalt or pavement. If that's not possible, try to head out for your walks early in the morning or later in the evening when the temperatures are lower.

Mid-day walks can be painful and stressful for your pets. If your pup is excessively panting, drooling, wanting to lay down or stop walking, or has difficulty standing up, the heat is too much for them.

Dr. Strong suggests always taking water with you on walks and to leave your dog at home in the air conditioning instead of bringing them to places where the heat could be too intense for them.

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