Polish Academic Is Unfazed as His Cat Uses Him as a Tree During an Interview

Cats are temperamental. They only love you when they want to. They will choose how they love you, and you will accept it. That means that they can keep their distance, or take away your personal space however they please. These are facts, you cannot argue with them.

Dr. Jerzy Targalski is a Polish academic who was giving an important interview about the Dutch current affairs, particularly the Supreme Court Crisis.

They recorded the interview in Dr. Targalski’s lovely home where he owns at least two cats (that we can see just chilling in the background.)

All of the sudden, his orange cat, Lisio, decided it was time for some love. The cat awkwardly climbs up Dr. Targalski’s lovely suit jacket as he makes his way to the man’s shoulders. There, he rubs and nuzzles as the interview continues without skipping a beat.

Dr. Targalski acted like the cat wasn’t even there, only acknowledging the feline when he had to move the cats tail from completely covering his eyes.

We love this duo, they should interview together more often! Full video below.

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