Pokémon Teams up with Oreo for a Line of Collection-Worthy Cookies

Collecting is second nature to Pokemon fans, so when Oreo created a limited edition Poke-inspired cookie collection, fans have been relentlessly trying to catch them all, too. 

Just like the series, Oreo has created 16 possible cookie designs, some more rare than others.

Pokemon lovers are buying them all up and the resale market for the cookies is also booming already. The 16 different character designs are stuffed into the packaging at random, so consumers won't know who they'll find inside unless they hunt for specific characters online.

While Oreos sell for around $5 a package, the Pokemon collection is reselling on auction sites like eBay for upwards of $2,500. Familiar characters like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle may be easier to find, but other designs like Mew will be particularly rare. The higher ticket items on the resale market are ones that contain the Mew character cookie.

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