Crocs Teams up with Saweetie For Ranch Dressing-Inspired Shoe Release

Saweetie, currently best known for her song "Best Friend," posted a video of herself heating up a pair of Crocs and Hidden Valley Ranch dressing in a microwave. 

The microwave then started to emit green smoke, and the Ranch Croc was born.

"Ranch for the dip, ranch for the drip ikdr," Saweetie captioned the video. "For a taste, click on my IG story or link in my bio. I'm giving away something yummy to celebrate this collab, and stay tuned for some other fun I've been working on with Crocs." 

Naturally, she ends the caption with, "Don't try this at home." 

Hopefully, no one decides to try and microwave a pair of Crocs and ranch together at home. The collab features nine Jibbitz charms such as pizza, fries, a burger, and a bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch. 

Saweetie is big on food collabs. She's also partnered with McDonald's for The Saweetie Meal which includes a Big Mac, fries, a four-piece nugget, Tangy BBQ sauce, "Saweetie n' Sour" sauce, and a Sprite.

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