"Pinder" is Tinder for Pets Who Want to Find Love

Pinder, modeled after the human dating app Tinder, is here to help find pals for your pets.

The app depicts a series of pet profiles—"no humans allowed," according to the profile setup page. Currently, all pets are required to be dressed for Halloween for the Pinder Halloween costume competition.

"We’re just taking the effective format of Tinder and applying it to the pet community," says Kevin Botero, the app's founder.

Pinder is hosting the contest as a way to kick off their website's launch. The app is in an open beta phase after its soft launch last month.

The contest winner will be announced on the Pet Costume Center Instagram page, where boo-tiful pet profiles are being posted every day.

"These pet communities are often communicating on behalf of their pets," Botero said. "So we thought there really should be a more fun and direct way to connect pet parents."

Similarly to Tinder, pet owners can swipe left or right on other pet profiles. When there's a match between pets, owners can talk to one another on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

"On Pinder, you're getting that level of pet-obsessed parent you're looking for, which in reality is somebody just like you," Botero said.

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