Photos That Captured the Most Chilling Moments in History

The best way for history to live on is through photographs—even the most unsettling moments. The images featured here paint a picture of the world that was at times shocking and disturbing...

Chernobyl, 1986

This is the first and only existing photo of Chernobyl on the morning of the nuclear accident. The heavy grain is due to the huge amount of radiation in the air that began to destroy the camera film the moment that it was exposed for this photograph.


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The More You Know

  • Before alarm clocks were invented, knocker-uppers was a profession where he had to go and wake up by knocking on the doors of the townsman’s houses.
  • More than two percent of the American population was killed during the Civil War.
  • The Greeks did not eat beans as they believed beans contained the souls of the dead.
  • The great fire of London in 1966 which burned over 13000 houses killed only 6 people. It was considered a miracle.
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