Photographer Documents Mother Duck With 70+ Adopted Ducklings

Being a wildlife photographer really does have its perks! Brent Cizek found a fascinating sight in Lake Bemidji in Minnesota and ended up documenting it on multiple different occasions.

This mother duck has taken on the immense responsibility of caring for 76 ducklings! No, they are not all hers, but some of them are! These little babies have imprinted on her and follow her mostly everywhere.

This is a common practice among ducks, but not usually in this size. Experts say that ducks raise their young in ‘daycare’ systems called créche. This is when other duck mothers leave their eggs in nests of other moms if they believe the eggs will have a better chance at survival.

It’s a lot of responsibility, but this mom has got all her ducks in a row!

Follow Cizek to see updates on the babies as he watches them grow up!

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