Photographer Has Photo Shoots for Shelter Dogs So They Get Adopted

Who doesn’t love a good shelter dog story?

Rachael Rodgers takes the dogs from their shelters on a mini field trip to gorgeous locations for their shoots. She then takes their photos and highlights their physical features as well as their personalities!

With good pictures come good adoptions! Looking on shelter websites can be disheartening, as most of the time the dog is looking sad, scared, or just weird because whoever took the photo isn’t very good at it (no harm on them!)

Rodgers has saved tons of dog’s lives through her incredible photography. Along with taking outstanding pictures, she writes incredible bios for each of the pups through her own experiences.

If anything, Rodgers brings these pups to live through the photo stories that she tells which brings them into peoples lives! She’s been a huge helping hand in getting them their forever homes. More shelters should hire out photographers for this!

Check out her blog here and maybe think about getting a forever friend!


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