Philly Hockey Fans Can Unleash Their Frustrations in the New Flyers Rage Room

By 1 year ago

It’s been almost four decades since the Flyers last won a championship, so the team is more than just annoyed. Thankfully, the Wells Fargo Center has just installed it’s first “Disassembly Room” for fans. The concrete cell will be a haven for frustrated fans to unleash their inner anger in a safe and contained environment. And of course, it’s Gritty tested and approved.

The room is the second new installment to the arena, the other being the Gritty C.O.M.M.A.N.D Center. Here, fans can be “grittified” by professional stylists and artists. They’ll receive makeup, costumes, orange hair dye, and face paint. They even have something called “Grit Powder.”

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