Keep These Plants Away from Your Pets During the Holidays

Local shelters and veterinarians want pet owners to know the risks of certain holiday house plants that may be poisonous to their furry friends.

Poinsettias and mistletoe both contain a poisonous sap that is toxic to pets.

If your dog or cat consumes part of the plant, they may get sick. 

"Any behavior out of the usual. vomiting is a big one. if you notice that your pet is throwing up a lot I would definitely contact my vet and see if you can get him in and get him taken care of,"  said Thomas Jay, Animal Behavior Manager at the Joplin Humane Society.

If you're decorating with poinsettias or mistletoe for the holidays this year, opt for faux plants, or just keep them out of reach from your four-legged friends, and most importantly, keep an eye on your pets and act fast if they exhibit any signs of illness.

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