Pet Owners See Behavioral Changes in their Cats and Dogs During Quarantine

While we humans are feeling the strain of weeks at home and the uneasiness of the future, our pets are also finding their own ways to cope with the change.

Dr. Carlo Siracusa of Penn's Ryan Veterinary Hospital weighed in on how your pets might reacting and coping at this time. 

"They get to set their own routine according to our previous schedule and then suddenly we decide that we are going to completely change the schedule, right? And completely invade their space," Siracusa said.

While people are reporting that their pets are more on edge or aloof, others have said that their pets are loving life and thriving with the added attention, much like the varied reactions of humans at this time. 

If your pet has been acting strange, however, Dr. Siricusa recommends giving them some space and time.

"...Give time means you should try to keep as much as you can your daily schedule similar to what it used to be and to make sure your pet has his or her quiet time," he said.

Once the stay-at-home orders are lifted, he recommends easing back into your past schedule to avoid another abrupt change in your pet's life. 

So if quarantine is getting the best of your and your pet, know you're not alone, and give Fido some space to decompress.

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