Pet Company Awards Dog "Employee of the Month" For the 15th Month in a Row

No one is more secure in their job than Lottie the border collie., an online personalized gift shop for dogs, cats, and their owner, has awarded Lottie "Employee of the Month" 15 times over the past year and a half. Lottie has gotten her portrait taken each month!

Lottie belongs to's founder, John Smith. Smith regularly shared photos and videos of Lottie to his colleagues during the COVID-19 lockdowns. 

"Like many UK business owners, during the first lockdown, I found myself suddenly juggling the demands of running a business and trying to ensure that the morale of my staff was kept intact at a time when the whole nation was coming to terms with working from home and communicating virtually for the first time. When it became possible to make trips into the office for a change of scenery, I still didn't see much staff at all, and most days found myself working alone five days a week."

Smith says that Lottie was a lifesaver during that time. "Lottie was a total star and definitely deserved to be awarded 'Empawee' of the Month for simply making the whole team smile on busy days and for keeping me company."

Naturally, as a pet company, is very dog friendly and loves when employees bring in their own pups. The Chief Puppy Officer will now play a key role in making sure the team can continue to rock their jobs.

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