Pedialyte Finally Creates a Drink Specifically for Hangovers

While the makers of Pedialyte never sought out to create a drink to cure hangovers, inevitably, the beverage marketed to hydrate sick children has been taken over by adults looking to feel better fast after a night on the town.

Now, finally, in 2019, Pedialyte has jumped on board with the beverage every boozer needs, behold: Pedialyte Sparkling Rush.

Getting on-board the sparkling water trend, Pedialyte created a Sparkling Rush powder pack that you can throw in a water bottle. It comes in grape and cherry flavors and can be used to combat air travel woes and late nights out with friends.

While many turn to Gatorade for their hangover fix to replenish their electrolytes, Pedialyte claims it has twice the electrolytes and half the sugar of sports drinks.

Kiss your week-long NYE hangover goodbye, and get stock up on some Sparkling Rush.

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