Peanut Butter Whiskey Is a Delicious Dream Come True

Skrewball Whiskey would go perfect with any jelly sandwich, any chocolate treats, or just on its own. Why? Well, because it supposedly tastes just like drinking alcoholic peanut butter. Made by spouses Steven Yeng and Brittany Merrill Yeng, the drink was only created in 2018 but has already been a big hit with customers.

The drink has gotten special praise from drinkers who don’t like whiskey. Apparently, the bold taste of the drink is subsided with the combination of sweet peanut butter. It’s so popular that it was even awarded the “Best Flavored Whiskey” award at the New York World Wine and Spirits Competition.

The drink is both vegan and gluten-free, so all are able to enjoy the tasty and boozy treat. If you’re thinking about getting the rich flavors from a different whiskey, think again. The recipe is a locked secret between the couple and is only sold from their store OB Noodle House in California. Don’t worry though, you can still order online!

The drink is 70 proof but still able to be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or whatever way you like it. Whiskey lovers across the USA can grab a 750-milliliter bottle for only $21.99. A perfect balance to your PB&J!

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