Insane Vintage Health Tips That People Actually Practiced

By 2 years ago

It’s common knowledge that people in the Middle Ages didn’t have access to the type of healthcare that we do today, but you won’t believe the extreme lengths they went to to cure illnesses. Most of the answers are too gross to be true…

Sharing Bathwater With The Town

Because most households did not have access to large amounts of water in the Middle Ages, bathhouses were used for public bathing to conserve water and guarantee everyone in town had access to it. The downside – the water was filthy because of all the bodies that soaked in it. If anything, public bathing was counterproductive.


Denture Teeth Belonged To WHO?

The English aristocracy were suffering from a combination of lots of sugar in their diets and terrible dental hygiene. So when their teeth fell out, the logical solution was to get fitted for a pair of dentures. The creepy downside to dentures? They used dead soldiers’ teeth.

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