Pasta Is Served In A Bowl of Cheese at This Restaurant

A lot of people put cheese on their pasta, but now, you can put the pasta in your cheese! Frank Anthony’s, a restaurant in Verona, New Jersey, serves its pasta in a delicious handmade bowl of parmesan cheese. And don’t worry, you can definitely eat the bowls.

The bowl is made of the freshest Parmigiano-Reggiano money can buy. The cheese is grated and left to dry. On a baking tray, the now-shredded cheese is sprinkled in a disk shape and baked until bubbling. Lastly, the baked slice is carefully peeled off the tray and molded between two bowls for shape.

The owner and head chef of the restaurant, Nicholas Wright, says the idea for a bowl made of cheese came from his recent trip abroad to Rome, Italy. He felt that it was something he could make himself, and was eager to share the experience with his customers.

The restaurant only makes 25 a day, but customers can fill their cheese bowl with anything on the menu. Customers are encouraged to destroy the bowl, eat it at the end, or whatever they feel is the best way to tackle a literal bowl of cheese.

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