Panera Invented a Limited Edition Bread Bowl Glove for Holding Your Iced Coffee in Winter

This one is for those who simply cannot get enough bread in their lives.

Everyone is aware of Panera's signature bread bowl, which put the bakery-café chain on the map. The word "panera" translates to "breadbasket" in Spanish, meaning that Panera Bread's name technically means "Breadbasket Bread." If you, like Panera, are obsessed with everything delicious and carb-filled, you might be interested in their latest—and strangest—creation.

Panera has developed a bread bowl-shaped glove, designed with the specific intention of helping people carry their iced coffee. The "Iced & Toasty Bread Bowl Glove" is a handwarmer that makes it look as though your hand is a bread bowl.

Sadly, the glove isn't made from bread, nor can it be purchased at will, and it's too late to sign up on to receive one at random. 450 people in total were selected by an algorithm to win the bizarre accessory.

Nobody knows why, exactly, Panera chose to create this, especially since there is seemingly no profit.

"With our unlimited premium coffee subscription, we've seen just how much our customers love their iced coffee, no matter what time of year," stated a Panera spokesperson. "So, we thought we'd have a little fun and create a limited-edition item to help keep their hands warm this winter—and what better design than our signature bread bowl that everyone knows and loves?"

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