Ostrich Egg Breakfast Goes Viral After Everyone Realizes How HUGE It Is

Food Insider basically broke Twitter with their ostrich egg breakfast video. People were in awe at how huge it really was!

Provisional Kitchen in San Diego, California, has an entire platter that with its main attraction as a giant ostrich egg. The ostrich egg is equivalent to eating 16 regular eggs for breakfast! It could serve eight people, easily.

Yeah, that’s kind of horrifying. This is surely not for one person, and honestly looks hearty and delicious!

A lot of Twitter users seemed eager to try out this product, which seems great for this San Diego business! Others were horrified and decided to take a step back from Foodie Twitter for a bit…

They get the eggs from a farm in Escondido, so it’s local! It’s pretty similar to cooking a real egg, but on a much larger scale!

Would you try it? Or would you rather stick to your regular chicken eggs? Well, if you find yourself in San Diego, check it out! Might be worth a shot to try.

Check out the wild video below, you won’t believe your eyes.

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