Oscar Mayer Says a Hot Dog Is a Sandwich Stirring the Pot on a Long Term Debate

Politics aside, there’s another steaming hot debate dividing folks everywhere. What is it you ask?

The debate concerns whether a hot dog is a sandwich.

It’s a hot topic that has long divided Americans, and now, beloved hot dog maker, Oscar Mayer, has inserted itself into the debate claiming a hot dog IS a sandwich, and people are outraged.

“We’re ending the debate once and for all, and declaring that yes, a hot dog is a sandwich,” Matt Reizman, brand manager for Oscar Mayer.

Realizing that this would cause quite a stir, the brand opened a 24-hour hotline on Thursday for people to call in and try to change its mind. Callers were quite passionate in vouching against Mayer’s claim. Sarcasm, historical anecdotes, and even musical numbers were recorded over the hotline.

People reached out on Twitter supporting or opposing Mayer’s outrageous claim on the matter. While the sandwich chain, Jimmy John’s, supported the stance, other’s were not so quick to accept it as fact.

So where do you stand on the issue—do you think a hot dog is a sandwich?

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