Oreo’s Biggest and Baddest ‘Stuf’ Cookie Hits the Rumor Mill

Dear Oreo Fans:

Your life is about to get a whole lot sweeter.

That’s right—if the rumor mill is correct, a Most Stuf Oreo could be hitting store shelves soon.

According to junk food Instagrammer, @thejunkfoodaisle, the photo above is an actual product photo, revealing what appears to be a near triple or quadruple Stuf Oreo.

While this is the first the world is hearing about the possibility of a Most Stuf Oreo, just the mere idea of it is exciting fans of “Milk’s Most Favorite Cookie.”

As of now, a rep from Oreo has declined to comment on the reality of this dream, but hey, they didn’t deny it either!

This cookie gossip comes amidst Oreo’s announcement to move to sustainable cocoa, something all cookie fans can get behind.

So, cross your fingers, Oreo-lovers, and let’s pray for the Most Stuf.

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