Oreo x Pokemon Collab? It's Too Good To Be True!

Two of America's favorite things are coming together.

Oreo has partnered up with Pokemon to create an incredible cookie pack. The outside of the pack showcases fan-favorites of the past 20+ years.

There are 16 designs to "collect" overall. Just like Pokemon, some cookies will be harder to find than others. 

"The rarity of the designs embossed on the cookies range from easy to find to hard to find, and the hardest to find (Mew) is featured on an extremely limited amount of the total cookies produced," Oreo wrote in a press release.

The cookie packs will be released on Sept 13. Hopefully, they're still selling the original packs as well. Pokemon collectors are known to get wild, and they will absolutely be stealing these off of shelves at a lightning pace.

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