Woman Poses in Graduation Photos With Pet Rat

Was this Sara Martin's graduation session, or her pet rat, Remi's?

Remi belongs to 23-year-old Martin, a Florida native who just graduated with a master's degree in global sustainability. In order to celebrate her feat, she hired a photographer to take her graduation photos.

This wasn't like every other session, though. Martin's friend suggested that she bring Remi, because... why not? Remi is a part of the family!

Martin went and grated Remi her very own graduation cap for the photos. She needed to look the part, after all.

Rats are known to bond with their owners and each other. Remi is a dumbo rat, known for having larger than usual ears. Martin adopted Remi in November of 2019. They've been inseparable ever since. 

Photos by: @emily_poll

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