Nutella is Hiring 60 Taste-Testers to Work in Italy

Dream job alert: Nutella is hiring taste testers.

The company behind the delicious hazelnut-cocoa spread is hiring 60 taste-testers to work in Italy. The hired workers will serve as “sensory testers” for the company’s research company Soremartec Italia S.R.L. at an office in Alba, Italy.

Even better is the fact that no experience is necessary. Ferrero actually wants regular consumers, not nutrition experts to work in this role. The chosen 60 will begin with a three-month course in honing their senses and then 40 of the group will be chosen to work two days a week on tasting panels.

Before you start packing your bags, though, there is some fine print…

The company is not accepting applications from the U.S. or Canada.

A representative from Nutella’s parent company Ferrero said, “I regret to inform you this opportunity was for our location in Alba, Italy and currently no similar recruitment has been planned in other geographical areas.”

So while this might not be an opportunity for Nutella-loving Americans, just knowing a job like this exists is all the hope the world needs right now.

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