New Jersey Pizza Shop Putting “Lost Dog” Ads on Pizza Boxes

A Matawan, New Jersey pizzeria is getting creative in hopes of reuniting lost pets with their owners.

John Sanfratello of Angelo’s Pizza came up with the idea to attach missing pet flyers to their pizza boxes to help their local community. He said his idea came from missing children ads on milk cartons when he would young, claiming, “Why can’t the pizza box be the milk carton of today, but for animals?”

Anyone in the Matawan/Aberdeen area who has a missing pet can drop off flyers for us to place on all our pizza boxes. No charge.

Posted by Angelo's Pizza on Thursday, July 11, 2019

After he saw a missing cat ad for a cat that looked a lot like his own feline, Max, he was prompted to post on his businesses Facebook page requesting pet owners with missing animals drop off flyers to their shop for them to attach to pizza boxes.

“We don’t care if owners are customers or not, I’m concerned about how we can help,” Sanfratello said. “This is a small gesture on our part, but [pets] are family members after all.”

His big Italian family is also willing to help by doing the same at their own businesses. His sister is now doing the same thing with take-out boxes at her restaurant in Florida, La Forchetta, and his cousins who run 3 bakeries in New York are on board as well.

With a cardboard box, some tape, and a flyer, the team at Angelo’s are doing their best to help reunite families with their furry friends.

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