Mom Sews Stuffed Manta Ray for Her Son’s Birthday and Her Community Responds With Kindness

When Tiffany Holloway shared the handmade manta ray she made for her son for his birthday, she never expected that the Reddit community would respond in such a major way. Tiffany's son, Jonas, recently turned 5-years-old and had asked his mother for a stuffed manta ray as a gift. She couldn't afford to purchase one, so she used his old baby blanket to create a handmade gift. 

She shared a photo of her creation on Reddit and it quickly became the No. 1 post on the online forum. Hundreds of users reached out and sent Jonas toy manta rays and other ocean creatures.

But the gifts didn't stop there. One Redditor sent the family $100 towards admission to the Blue Zoo and another user sent them tickets to the Oklahoma City Zoo and tickets to feed the stingrays.

"My son's favorite part of all this is having a bunch of sea friends to cuddle with at night. He has so many stuffed sea animals there is barely any room for him on his bed but he insists on sleeping with all of them," said Tiffany.

A GoFundMe was also started for the family to collect donations to help them take care of some basic needs. Tiffany, Jonas, and her other sons are survivors of domestic abuse, and she says this situation helped to restore some of her faith in humanity.

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