It's Almost Bonfire Season - The Cake Boss Reveals The Secret to Toasting the Perfect Marshmallow

The end of August usually signifies cooler nights (albeit still in the 70s or 80s). For folks living in more wet climates, that means that bonfires will soon be the perfect way to gather outdoors with friends. 

In the spirit of bonfire season, Cake Boss Buddy Valastro has revealed how to toast the perfect marshmallow. If you're always burning them, then this is the tip for you.

Valastro offers some insight into why people ruin their s'mores, saying, "People get antsy. They want to put it right into the fire, light it on fire and then it charcoals," he said. "You got to keep it nice and high so it gets gooey inside."

Once the marshmallow is perfectly golden brown (which could take longer than you'd think!) it's time to break out the chocolate and graham crackers.


Don't burn my marshmallows 👆But keep tagging ##JetPuffedSmourth ##contest to win $10K. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends 8/10/21. Click contest # for rules

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Valastro is partnering with Jet-Puffed and offering insight will folks participate in the nationwide s'mores contest. In order to keep things interesting, fans of s'mores are encouraged to offer up the perfect fourth ingredient for a s'more. The winner will get $10k and a lifetime supply of marshmallows. 

The Cake Boss has been judging entries on TikTok. "We've had everything from peanuts to pretzels to cream cheese ... which was a little weird."

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