Mom Lives With Four Samoyed Dogs and Two Kids Under Two In Her Hectic Life

An Australian groomer and mother of two prides herself on her hard work for her four fur babies! Sarah Hegarty has four Samoyed’s and dedicated her ‘The Samoyed Siblings’ account to them.

Hegarty also somehow finds the time to run her own club that helps bring Samoyed pups to their forever homes! She fosters the dogs in her own home and helps connect owners to them. How does she do it!


The best thing about her Instagram account is the sweet relationship that is portrayed by her and the kids with the dogs.

“Layla learned to walk by holding onto the pup’s fur gently and following them around the house. She sneaks them food they fall asleep together, read together, do almost everything together,” Hegarty says.

It’s not as easy as it seems. On grooming days, Hegarty says it takes about eight hours to get all the dogs ready and cleaned.

The Australian mom is taking these challenges in strides as she creates a wonderful life for her real babies and fur babies. You go, mom!

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