Mind-blowing Facts That Literally Nobody Has Heard Before

School is out, but it's never a good time to stop learning. Open and expand your mind with these unbelievable facts that will genuinely leave you questioning whether what you know is real...

Just Two Turtles

In 2006, two colossal old tortoises both passed away. One of them was formerly owned by Charles Darwin and died under the care of Steve Irwin. The other was hatched before America declared its independence from Europe. So, two tortoises lived the span of years between Charles Darwin and Steve Irwin. That turtle died at 175 years of age. 


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The More You Know

  • The average person living in Sweden eats about 22 pounds of chocolate a year.
  • Domino's Japan trained reindeer to deliver pizza.
  • Portland was named by a coin flip. Had the coin landed the other way, the city would be known as Boston, Oregon.
  • The largest known living organism is an aspen grove.
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