Meet the NHL’s Adorable New Playoff Correspondent

Sunny, a yellow lab, is the TODAY show’s puppy with a purpose… and boy, does he have a purpose.

Sunny is a guide dog by trade, who began his life of stardom on the TODAY show. Now, he’s landed himself a new gig that’s got many sports fans green with envy.

This “good boy” has been named NBC Sports new “Stanley Pup” correspondent for the NHL playoffs.

To seal the deal, he stamped his paw on an official contract that stated, “I, Sunny, do hereby accept the position of Stanley Pup Correspondent, on this, the tenth day of April, in the year of Lord Stanley Two Thousand Nineteen.”

It’s a big job, but for Sunny, he takes it all in stride.

Look out for him on NBC Sports as he fills us in on all things playoff hockey.

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