Dwyane Wade Plays His Final NBA Game

Sure, the Miami Heat may have lost last night in a game that was all but meaningless for them against the Brooklyn Nets. But this was no ordinary game.

The Heat had been eliminated from playoff contention the night before last, but last night had even more importance to the Heat organization as well as the NBA.

Last night was Dwyane Wade’s final NBA game.

After a 16-year career and 1,231 games, Wade officially stepped on the court for the last time as a player.

He ended it in true D-Wade fashion snagging himself his fifth triple-double of his career, closing with 25 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists.

After experiencing an injury the previous night, it was unsure whether he would play, but knowing that fo many friends and fans had come out to support him, Wade wasn’t one to disappoint

Among the crowd was Wade’s former teammate, LeBron James, along with Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul.

“Listen,” James told Fox Sports Sun in a courtside interview, “we couldn’t miss D-Wade’s last game. This is the last time he’s going to be on an NBA floor wearing that Miami Heat uniform, that No. 3, so we’re happy to be here to support.”

Wade said, “I prayed for this, and it came true.”

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