Meet Benjaman Kyle, The Only Living Man With an Unknown Identity

Just Another Day

When Son Yo Auer stepped outside to smoke a cigarette before his employees arrived, he heard some rustling behind the restaurant’s dumpster. Son Yo stepped around the dumpster to see what the noise was coming from and he discovered a naked man writhing in the grass, completely covered in fire ants…


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The More You Know

  • The Guinness brewery supported all of it's employees who chose to fight in WW1. They were paid half of their wages while away, and their jobs were guaranteed upon their return. The brewery also sent them care packages containing chocolate and condensed milk.
  • Christian Bale studied Tom Cruise's mannerisms to prepare for his role as a psychotic killer in American Psycho.
  • Before mating, the female giraffe will first urinate in the male's mouth.
  • About 700 grapes go into one bottle of wine.
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