Man Rescues Senior Dogs After Grieving Over A Special Canine

Eight years ago, in 2011, Steve Greig suffered a loss that left him distraught. A dog of his had passed away, and in his grief, he decided that the only way for him to heal would be to do something good that wouldn’t have happened had his beloved dog not passed away.

He went to his local shelter and asked for a dog that was having trouble getting adopted, and he ended up taking home a 12-year-old Chihuahua with heart murmurs and knee issues.

From then on, Greig has been the heart and home of unwanted senior dogs. He has since adopted eight seniors dogs, a pig, a rabbit, a pond full of fish, and a chicken, along with two other dogs belonging to his sister and roommate.

Running his own zoo isn’t easy. He wakes up early to prepare their special meals and administer their meds. But this hasn’t deterred Greig from the senior dog lifestyle, in fact, he’s become very passionate about them.

His animal crew has racked up quite the following on Instagram, too, with over 800k followers. The accountant uses his Instagram following to sell t-shirts and raise money for senior dogs. He is also set to release a children’s book in September, too, called “The One and Only Wolfgang: From Pet Rescue to One Big Happy Family.”

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