Man Proposes to Girlfriend, But Her Cousin Steps In For the Photos

Marriage proposals are a major milestone and a huge commitment in any relationship. No matter the amount of sleuthing one has done, most times, the proposal is a total surprise, and that’s the thing about surprises, they’re tough to prepare for.

Twitter user Jenna, was on the scene when her cousin’s boyfriend proposed. When her cousin was a bit mortified that her nails weren’t properly manicured for the standard “ring shot” she stepped in with her fresh mani to save the day—it’s just all about the camera angles.

On the left, we see the happy couple and a woman showing off her new engagement ring. But on the right, we see her cousin using some gymnast level flexibility to fake the perfectly manicured shot.

When the post and image went viral, people were loving the cousin’s heroic and comedic gesture—people around the world asked their best friends: would you do this for me?

Some Twitter users even warned their future fiancées that they had better wait until their nails are presentable and manicured before dropping down on one knee.

At any rate, this hilarious story just goes to show: not all heroes wear capes.

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