Man Creates Viral Twitter Account to Teach Tinder Match Pasta Making

Love is alive and well, and 21-year-old Andrew Wang is out to prove it. Wang matched with a girl on Tinder, and after she expressed wanting to learn how to cook, set up a Twitter account so he could teach her. The Tinder App doesn’t allow users to exchange photos, so in order to show the step by step process, he had to get a little creative.

He named the account “Tortellinis for Tilly” in honor of her name. Tilly herself was impressed with the account and tweeted it out, saying “This sweet man … made a twitter account to show me his pasta because you can’t send pictures on tinder.” It wasn’t long until the duo went viral. He did a guide for every step of the process.

For now, though, the couple will have to wait to see where things go. Andrew said: “She was kind enough to give me her Friday night, and I’m looking forward to it. She’s so awesome.” He also gave advice to men looking for advice on how to capture girl’s hearts on the app, and the plan is easy enough.

“Don’t send nudes. Send noodles.”

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