Man Brings Dog Along for Furniture Shopping Trip

Grandpa Dahl and his favorite companion, Coco, shopped ’til they dropped for some new dog-friendly furniture.

Aleecia Dahl’s grandfather was in the market for a new recliner after he and his wife moved into a new home, so naturally, he brought along his best friend Coco, the dog, to help him secure the perfect chair.

Aleecia told The Dodo, “It was Grandpa’s requirement that the footrest on his lounge chair was wide enough for him and Coco to sit side by side.”

Grandpa Dahl and Coco went into a few stores to try out the merchandise and they were always greeted with a smile. It’s not every day a dog has a say in its owner’s furniture selection.

Aleecia shared the images online and they’ve been shared thousands of times now–so cute!

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